Education is the right of every child and providing it is the duty of every adult. Education begins before birth and should be received in the Womb as much as in the World. Prenatal and Infant education is priceless;  you are indeed getting a unique opportunity to Nurture The Future . 

By joining you will get FREE access to EMBEd Video Classes. Through the videos you will get guidance -
(a) based on the month of pregnancy
(b) based on the age of your child  ( upto 3 months from date of birth)
If you wish to do the activities and need help in locating the materials or props - our friends at OASIS will help you.

Benefits to the Family:
  •  All Round/ Holistic Development of the Child
  •  Strong Foundations to Relationships
  •  Developing Attachment Bond thus reducing parenting issues
  • Co-creating a responsive and healthy child
  •  Improved capabilities and better achievement of milestones in the child
  •  Better scope for learning and education in the future for the child
Benefits to the Society:
  • Social , National and Global Progress by creating empowered individuals
  • Character building of future citizens of the world
  • Increased learning potential and human wisdom
  • Increased creative abilities which is the dire need of the world
  • Building strong family bonds, the real power of a society
  • Reinstating cultural values
  • Recognizing Ancient Wisdom while progressing in Modern Sciences

EMBED - A Social Initiative by Omnio Future